Dyztopia Stories

The day is here, Woozens! We finally have the endings to our Dyztopia Stories! We think the 5th and final round winners of the Dyztopia Story Contest ended our stories on high notes and we couldn’t be more happy with the results. We hope you enjoy our stories as much as we have!


Story 1

The monotonous drone of marching footsteps filled the crisp morning air as crowds of Woozens approached. The little ray of light from the rising sun provided no warmth on the drab grey of the Woozens’ clothes and no smiles were worn on their faces. Their emotions were jaded from their time here that passed quickly by and their bright eyes shone no more and no longer twinkled with ideas and individuality. It was one of the most horrible experiences any Woozen could ever imagine: the fact that they could not be who they wanted to be and were forced to be the same as everyone else.

The expressionless faces of all of the woozens in the sector looked like a sea of grey. Every day was the same routine; at 6 A.M. they were to arrive in the plaza to receive their daily tasks which must be completed before sunset. The daily tasks were how the leaders kept the sector running. Some woozens would run the nearly deserted shops, some would keep the grey walls of the sector clean, some would be called to serve the leaders, while others would do other various, but yet just as unpleasant, tasks. Staying at home or not doing your tasks wasn’t an option; if you were caught you would be severely punished.

Each Woozen was obliged to leave their daily tasks at 6 P.M. on the dot. Then, each would go to their Unitz, have dinner, talk about their day and go off to bed. They would repeat the same mundane cycle each day of their lives. A female Woozen, who appeared to be 18 years or so, woke up one day and followed her fundamental routine until the clock struck 6 P.M. Normally everyone would leave, but today something urged her to stay past the curfew.

She wasn’t sure what indoctrinated her to stay behind; the expense of her crime would no doubt be ghastly. As she watched the Woozens file out of their hovels in neat lines of dull gray and black, she heard something, or someone, move behind her. She gasped as she made the figure out to be none other than Jaywooz, but it couldn’t be; hadn’t the woozband been extinguished just 8 years ago? Jay began to beckon to her while moving towards the hovel’s back door. Taking her shoes with her, the unknown Woozen followed him.

She followed him down a long rusty ladder and what she saw next chilled her to the bone. Jay had led her to a secrect hidout, but what was more chilling was seeing MyaWooz, JennyWooz and MaxWooz all hiding together. So many questions filled her mind, but as she took a step closer she noticed a window so she walked to the window and saw that below there was a city. The Woozband had been running a secret military to help defeat the evil rulers of Woozworld! Now that this unknown Woozen knew about the secret military and the Woozband, she would spread the word and slowly regain hope for her sector.

by blondie1999


Story 2

Pit pat pit pat pit pat; the sound of bare feet running through the city could be heard. A young girl around the age of ten was going to her family unit. She was dressed in rags, with her long dark hair blowing in the breeze and her green eyes shining brightly. The world as she knew it ended five years ago, when THEY took the lives of her family members. Little did she know, she would soon be the reason that the humans would regain the world that was stolen from them.

Suddenly, she glanced behind her, but she only saw darkness.

“JUST RUN!” someone around her shouted, so she did run, not knowing what lurked behind her in the dark. The girl was confused; she thought she had been alone. She glanced around once more and saw a boy who must have been five or so years older than she was.

“Just run! They’re gaining!” he said.

She ran faster not knowing the dangers lurking ahead. She was told not to look back, but she did anyway. The creatures were terrifying but she recognized them; they were the ones who took her parents! She ran and ran and then she knew that there was only one option. That option was to fight.

The girl turned around to stare at her surroundings and soon spotted a large tree with branches sharp as knives. As the boy began to catch up to her, he screamed, “Why are you just standing there?!”

She gave him a strong look before breaking off the tree branch and as she stood there in silence the creatures were sprinting quickly.

“HURRY UP AND MOVE! RUN AND DON’T LOOK BACK- QUICKLY!” he screamed louder as the creatures began to edge towards her.

Finally, before a creature took out its long claws, she attacked.


She used the broken tree branch to defend herself; fighting the creatures one by one. The boy got a branch for himself and helped her by fighting off the creatures too.

“Behind you!” he yelled, ducking from a creature who tried to sneak up on him.

“Do you think it’s over?” she asked the boy, watching the creatures slowly decease as they lay there motionless.

“I hope so…” was all he said and they walked off into the murky night.

by Kaity20


Great job Blondie and Kaity; you both managed to end our stories in original ways. Way to go!

Thank you to ALL of the Woozens who submitted their sentences; you’re all amazing, even if your submission didn’t make it into our stories. We had a very hard time choosing because they were all so good! We had no idea we had so many talented writers right here in Woozworld. Keep up the awesome work!