Don’t Miss The WNTM Finale

Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 11.05.04 AMThere’s only a few more days left of the Woozworld’s Next Top Model competition and the models are getting fierce! Jamie (your photographer) has been working overtime to get the photoshoots done and we are excited to see who will make it to the end.

The WNTM finale will be on Friday September 29th at 5PM WT (WoozTime). The event will be hosted by MyaWooz and Woozworld High principal, LadyWooz. The pair will also be interviewing a Woozworld artist and give you a sneak peak at our upcoming Halloween events.

A goodie bag will be given at 5:55PM WT so make sure that if you have a ticket, you are in the Unitz (or in queue) at that time. The goodie bag will include a special achievement and title, a hair or torso from the first Halloween 2017 collection, as well as Beex. You can get your ticket in ShopZ!

Keep on modelling Woozens,

Your Woozband