Don’t go!

Dear Jenny, what would you do if your two best friends throughout childhood went to another country and two other friends also changed to another city super far away? 


Hi Anonymous!

I imagine it must be terribly sad to see your friends moving away. I know that if Mya moved to another country, I would be so sad! But I promise that this is not the end of the world. There is always a solution!


mya_white_iphone_closeTechnology is here for you to help you and facilitate your life! Ask your mother xD. When she was a child, it was far more complicated! There was no internet (imagine that!) and a letter sent to another country took over a month to arrive! Today, large distances are no longer a problem for good friends!


You can always find them in Woozworld! Create a nice Unitz where you can be more comfortable for a little chat and gossip sesh! The internet is also full of programs and apps that can help you close the distance! I’m sure your parents can help you find an application that will let you maintain contact with your friends as well as provide a safe environment for you!


Your friends will have the same problems of meeting people and making new friends. Imagine how scary it is to move to a new place where you don’t know anyone! You can exchange advice of what to do in this new situation, and that will only bring you closer. Pretty soon, you’ll both see your circles of friends increasing. You’ll see! x)


And how about you, Woozens? Looking for more advice? Send your questions to the Dear Jenny Podz, located in the Woozworld Plaza!


All my love!