Domo has arrived!


Hey Woozens!

We have stupendous news! Do you know Domo ?! Domo is one of the most adorable, curious creatures you’ll ever meet. And guess what: many Domos are visiting Woozworld!

Once upon a time, Mya and Jenny went out for a walk on the beach. Suddenly, they stumbled upon a giant white egg in the sand.

“Maybe we shouldn’t go closer… birds can be very territorial” Jenny (our local animal expert) said worried. As they stepped away, they started to hear cracks. Looking back, suddenly a strange creature popped its head out of the egg and shouted “DOMO!”! Jenny and Mya stared at Domo in bewilderment. They started walking closer to Domo and he looked at them, blinked and said “Dooooooomo” which means ”I love you” in Domo language, certifies Jenny.

Our Woozband girls fell in love with him and they definitely needed to bring some Domos to Woozworld and show them to you, Woozens. But these little creatures are smarter than they thought and ten Domos are now showing-up around Woozworld…

Do you want ALL of them? That’s how Jenny felt too… Then you will be glad to know that Domos can now be found in the Woozworld Store!

Visit the Domo Forest Unitz in Woozworld to know more about these little creatures! They’re so adorable you’ll fall to its charms like Jenny and Mya did! By visiting the Domo Unitz, you will discover all you need to know about our new little brown friends and get ready for exciting new Unitz Design Contest, mazes, quizzes and fun prizes!

Each Domo figurine collection in the Woozworld Store comes with its own special achievement (title and badge)! If in doubt, there will be an indication of the special achievement on the pack in the Woozworld Store!

Don’t forget to check out our Hot Topicz and WoozNewz for show times and special Domo Eventz.

Good Luck and catch’em all if you can! XD