Domo Design Contest Winners

We’ve received a flood of amazing Domos, some cute, some weird, some wacky, some dark… and a LOT of pandas.

Everyone’s hard work impressed us, but some designs stood out from the rest. Here are our top 6 faves:

sparkle-heart‘s cozy sweater Domo, perfect for the winter!

Xyo12‘s awesome kangaroo Domo – complete with a mini joey Domo in its pouch!

minecraftsydia‘s PJ-wearing gamer Domo (definitely Max’s favorite!)

Laura-Lyn‘s abstract artist Domo, covered in paint splothes while managing to keep his teeth nice and white.

Darkblackgold‘s hard-rocking Domo, and

MeepDaSheep‘s peeled-banana Domo!

Congrats to all our winners! Look out for a plush Domo arriving in your mailbox soon.

These amazing Domo creations aren’t being made yet – though we think they deserve it! Be sure to check out all the Domotastic possibilities available in Woozworld.