• June 9, 2015

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symbz_colorblobWe hope that Woozworld is a place where you can make your world, your way. However, we know that life both inside and outside Woozworld can be difficult. It can be challenging to accept others and ourselves just the way we are.

Throughout this month, we’re encouraging you to think about how we can give everyone – including ourselves – the respect and tolerance we deserve. We’re calling this movement #different2gether, a celebration of Woozens’ uniqueness.

We’re adding a colorful #different2gether SymbZ to Shopz so you can demonstrate your support for #different2gether. The Woozband will be hosting a few events to discuss any topics related to self-acceptance, bullying, or just feeling different or alone. These eventz will be open only to Woozens wearing this SymbZ. Look out for more information in Hot Topicz as June rolls along.

We hope to see you and your colorful SymbZ in Woozworld!

Your Woozband