Big Woozen Diary by Jenny
  • March 12, 2014

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I miss Mya! You Woozens are so lucky to have my best friend in the “outside” Woozworld. She’s a blast and it’s difficult not having her here. I guess it’s the lucky of the draw Jennythough :(.

I was even more surprised to learn that Zeena got chosen and joined us this year again. When Zeena first came in, she was really getting on everyone’s nerves. She would always make mean comments towards us and say how much better she was. With knowning Mya wasn’t there, I went into a private room and tried to relax.

After this though… it’s been a weird few days… Zeena showed herself a very good friend, especially when she realized how much I missed my bestie. She is being really good company for me, as Max and Jay keep talking about games and sports all the time. She showed a side that I never thought she had and I think I actually like this new Zeena! I have to admit that things are easier with her presence here, even if I still miss Mya.

The Woozens canadianz and x-DylanGoesRawrx are also very sweet, but we are still getting to know each other. X)

Mya, if you are reading… I miss you girl! Take care of Woozworld for us!