December Mobile Update!
  • December 13, 2016

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There are a few cool things that have been added to the mobile app this month and we’ve got all the details for you here!

What’s New:

  • New “Profile” window + notification settings
  • Updates to the Marketplace to be faster and easier to use
  • New Smart View

New Profile window + Notification Settings

A major feature that is now included in the mobile app (which was missing before): Woozens’ Profiles!

This can opened in a number of different ways:

  • By doing a “long-tap” (tap and hold for half a second) on any Woozen you meet in a Unitz (you can also check out your own Profile Window by doing this on YOUR avatar)
  • By tapping another Woozen’s profile picture or the “profile” icon that appears in the top left menu after selecting a Woozen:
  • By touching the profile picture of the owner of the Unitz you’re in
  • By touching the “Profile” button in the main menu (to access your own Profile):
  • By touching the profile picture of any Woozen that you can see in most windows (Social window, Leaderboards. etc.):


The Profile window will be slightly different when looking at your own or another Woozen’s.

Your own profile:


  • Title: You can now choose a “Title,” which other users will see when they open your profile. Different titles are earned by completing achievements and participating in Woozworld events and contests. Touch the “Title” button to see all the titles that are currently available to you and select the one you want by touching it. You can change your current title as often as you want.
  • Status and mood: You can now edit your status and your mood directly from the app, so you don’t need to go to the WoozIn for it anymore. You will also be able to see other Woozens’ statuses and moods directly from the Profile window. Touch the “Status” or “Mood” buttons to choose a new one. Please note that your status is limited to 100 characters. You can also change those as often as you want.
  • Trophies: You can quickly see all the trophies you’ve earned from this section
  • Show Golden profile and chat bubble: If you’re a VIP, by default your chat bubble will appear golden, as well as your own Profile window (other users will also see it as golden). You can turn this off by unchecking this option directly.
  • Settings: Your settings, which used to be available only through your WoozIn, are now available through your Profile Window. You can now change them directly from the app. Here’s a detailed list of all those settings:


Show current location (turned on by default): Your friends can see in their friends’ list when you’re online and can join you easily by using the “Join” button. If you turn this off, they’ll still be able to see you if you meet them in a Unitz, but they won’t be able to know before that if you’re online or where you are in World.

Publish Achievements (turned on by default): Your friends will receive a notification when you complete an achievement. Turn it off if you don’t want them to know each time you receive an Achievement.

Show friends’ achievements (turned on by default): If your friends have the “Publish Achievements” setting turned on, you will receive a notification when they complete one. Turn this off if you have a lot friends or if you don’t care that much about their achievements 😉

Ignore Friend Requests (turned off by default): You’re too popular and receive too many friends requests?  Turn this on, and they will all be rejected automatically when someone sends you a request. You’ll still be able to make new friends, but you will have to be the one sending the request for them to accept.

Ignore Relationship Requests (turned off by default): Same as the Friends Requests above, but for Relationships.

Ignore Trade Requests (turned off by default): Same as Friends and Relationships requests. If you turn this off, every Trade request you receive will automatically be rejected. You’ll still be able to send them yourself, though.

Only my friends can see my Wallz (turned off by default): By default, anyone can see your Wallz on the WoozIm. If you turn this one on, it will appear as private for everyone except your Woozworld friends.

Hot Friends login (turned on by default): Every time one of your Hot Friends (also called BFF) login or logout of Woozworld, you will receive a notification, so you can easily meet with them.

Unitz visits (turned on by default): You will receive a notification every time someone visits one of your Unitz (unless you’re currently in this Unitz, in which case you won’t receive a notification). Turn this off if you’re super popular and receive too many notifications 😉

Sales (turned on by default): If you’re doing business in Woozworld, you will receive a notification every time another Woozen purchases something from one of your Shop Podz. Turn this off if you’re selling a lot of items and don’t like receiving too many notifications.


Other Woozens’ profiles:


When looking at someone else’s Profile, you now have a quick access to a lot of things:

  • You can see the Woozen’s level, their Title, Status and Mood directly from the preview
  • Unitz: You can see the list of all the Unitz they own and visit any of them by touching the thumbnail (if they’re not set to Private, of course)
  • Vote: You can vote for this Woozen directly from here
  • Join: If this Woozen is your friend and is online, you can join them directly in their current location by touching this. It’s so much easier to meet your friends now!
  • Message: Send an inbox message to this Woozen directly from here.
  • Add/remove friend: You can send a friend request to this Woozen directly from here. If you’re already friends with this Woozen, you can break your friendship by removing it.
  • Block: If you’re annoyed or spammed by another user, you can block them from here. When you block another Woozen, they won’t be able to send you private chats, inbox messages, trade requests, etc.
  • Report: You can report another user with inappropriate behaviour. Please use this with responsibility and only for important matters. If you abuse the Report function, you might get sanctioned yourself.

Updated Marketplace

The Marketplace works roughly the same as before, but Woozens using mobile now get an updated view, which should make it easier and faster to search and purchase from other Woozens.


Use the options at the top to refine your search:

  • Type: What are you looking for? Furniture or Garment? You can also look for both.
  • Category: Choose a specific sub-category (hair? face? doors? decoration? etc.)
  • Item name: If you’re looking for a specific item, type it’s name in here. Note: it must be the full word for it to work. Example: If you’re searching for a “Casual Beanie”, you can either search for “Casual” or “Beanie”, but searching for “bean” won’t work.
  • Woozen: You have a favourite seller and want to see what they’re selling? Type their username here and you’ll see it all. Note: you need to type their full username for it to work.
  • Max Beex: Type the maximum amount of Beex you can afford to spend, and it will only list item that are sold for this amount or less.
  • Colorable: Check this box if you’re looking for items that are still colorable.

As soon as you change one of these options, the search results will automatically be updated with the new results. By default you will see the items listed by the most recently added to the Marketplace, but if you tap the “Beex” column, you can change it so that you see less expensive or more expensive items first.


New Smart View mode to follow Woozens

By default, Smart View will now automatically follow your Woozen so that you’re always center-screen, even as you move around a Unitz!

If you tap or click any other Woozen, Smart View will start following them instead and it will switch back to you if they exit the Unitz (or if you tap or click on another Woozen).

To stop Smart View from following someone, you can also close their window in the top left corner and Smart View will go back to following you:


This will feel different at first, but you’ll see that it’s much better this way when you get used to it.

If you really really don’t like it, you can always turn it off and go back to the old way. Just access the Settings from the main menu and set “Smart View” to Off:


And that’s what we have for you! Enjoy all of the awesome new updates! :)