Thronecoming Dance Unitz Design Contest

As many of you already know, Ever After High™ stars Lizzie Hearts™ and Cedar Wood™ are throwing a spelltacular Thronecoming Dance here in Woozworld!

You’ve all been working hard as oak collecting emblems to choose the spellbinding theme for this hexcellent event and YOU have selected ROYAL!

thronecoming1Regardless of whichever team you’ve sided on here’s your chance to show off some magic with your wonder-riffic Unitz design skills. That’s right, we want YOU to design Ever After High’s ™ Thronecoming Dance Unitz!

Using the Throne Room Unitz in the Ever After High category in Shopz create a Thronecoming Dance Unitz where fairytales can come true! Use the hequisite Ever After High furniture to add some charm to the space. What are you waiting for Woozens?  Entering is simple. Create a new Unitz in Woozworld, decorate it and then submit your design by clicking on the pink podz in the Ever After High ™ Unitz. You have till Nov 5th to submit your design.

From all the submitted Unitz 4 finalists will be selected and YOU will be pulling the strings by voting for your favorite. The Unitz with the most votes will be selected for the dance!

Did we mention, the winner will be co-hosting the Thronecoming Dance! We can’t wait to see what you create.
Good luck!