jenny_1281_front_01Everyone needs a good scary story in their back pocket. You never know when you’ll need to liven up a slumber party, camping trip, or night around the fireplace in an abandoned cabin in the middle of woods miles from help with a serial killer on the loose! (Well, maybe that last scenario doesn’t need more excitement… that’s your call.)

Your fellow Woozens submitted some amazing scary stories – be sure to read up so you’re ready to creep out your friends, siblings, classmates, or anyone else this Halloween. Warning: The tales below may scare your socks off!


Story 1: “The Little Visitor” by ChristmasTime
Last night I was watching TV while it rained outside. Then I heard a loud knock. When I opened the door, there was a little girl, soaked despite her raincoat. I offered for her to come in but she rejected the idea. Then I said, “Please come in! You could have a fever!”

“But I don’t seem to have a fever, I’ve been running around the whole place soaked and I haven’t got a fever so far…” the little girl said.

I saw something red dripping from her hand. As it made a puddle on the floor, I knew she was bleeding. I went to go to get some Band-Aids for her; when I came back she was in the living room looking at the floor. Then she said, “I don’t need Band-Aids…” as she pulled the hood of her raincoat off.

I was terrified, shocked, confused as I saw her eyes: they were all black. When she smiled, she had razor-sharp teeth like blades…

I asked, “Are you ok?”

The little girl replied, “I just need some blood to keep me up…”

Story 2: “Trick Or Treat?” by hunnybunnyhop
Three children went trick-or-treating, and found themselves in a forest. They saw a little old cabin…they all walked up to it, and gave the door a knock. The door creaked. The children walked in, and the DOOR SLAMMED! The children jumped. They heard noises. It was dark in the room. No lights, nothing. One found a light switch, and flicked it.  The cabin was dusty and bare. It looked abandoned.

Suddenly they heard a scream. One of the friends was missing. The other two began to panic. They ran up to the door. Shaking the handle, they found it was stuck. The lights started turning on and off. They grabbed a torch and went up the wooden stairs. As they walked up, the surface creaked. There was one door slightly open. They opened it… All you could hear was screams! And a bang. The girls were nowhere to be seen…

Story 3: “The Missing Woozband” by LimeTree
Long ago, also known as one week ago, JennyWooz was camping with MaxWooz. Max was about to ask Jenny out when a high heel shot straight between them, digging straight into a tree! :O The heel had a note pinned to it, saying, “You are next.” Jenny and Max SCREAMED in terror; Jenny ran into the tent and fell asleep.

Later, Jenny woke up in a small room. Someone had cut off all of her hair and then covered her face in lipstick! Jenny quickly grabbed her emergency Nutella out of her pocket and gulped up the whole thing. Then an hour later Jenny started to go crazy and started acting like MyaWooz. Jenny even tried to host the Star of the Week show! :OO GASP Her hosting was so great that MyaWooz decided to quit the Woozband. That’s the scariest part of all! WITH MYA GONE HOW WILL THIS GAME BE FABULOUS!?!?!

The spook-tastic end…. Or is it :-)


Story 4: “The Phantom Follows” by LilEmsy4
I looked around: the fire burned bright in the darkness of the forest. The trees danced in the obscurity of the night, their branches gripping me at every breath. I looked at the sky: a dark spirit emerged from the clouds, and my eyes focused on the object. I informed my friends, but they saw nothing of it. We all tucked ourselves into our sleeping bags; my bed was warm but my thoughts cold. I slept restlessly, my eyes glued open at the thought of the spirit returning. I slammed my face into the pillow. I closed my eyes, but hues of blackness overtook my thoughts: I had to get out of there! The spirit was coming after me, and I knew soon I would be alone. I was finally able to get home, running breathlessly through the twisted forest. I wrapped myself in my pillows. I turned on the TV but it only showed static. Home alone, I had no one to help me, and as I got up I heard a knock on my closet door. The black spirit began to seep in through the cracks. I thought I was alone, but now everything had changed. The black spirit was after me, and I had nowhere to run this time…

Story 5: “Get That Thing Out of the House” by Mikasa-Ackerman-
The moment I tried to bring the stuffed animal inside, my mom objected. “But mom,” I whined, “He’s so cute.” I looked down to stare at the little yellow plush rabbit. I had picked him up from a garbage can on my way back to school.

“I don’t see a problem with it, Mary,” my dad interjected. “Oh, fine.” My mom rolled her eyes. “She can bring it in.”

A smile stretched across my face and I skipped inside, the plushie in my hand. When I got to my room, I started talking to it. “Hmm, what should I name you…?” I said to the little bunny. Then I flipped it over and saw a little tag on its tummy. It read, “FAZBEAR’S FRIGHT – PLUSH TRAP.” “Plushtrap!” I exclaimed, “You’re Plushtrap, okay?” I made the doll’s head nod in response.

The rest of the day was normal. But then night came. As I walked up to my bedroom Plushtrap in hand, I saw the most terrifying thing I had ever seen in my life.

Bears. Little bears. They had oversized heads and little bodies and a teensy top hat on their big heads. They reminded me a bit of Freddy from the Fazbear’s Fright attraction.

This must be a prank, I thought, Dave loves to scare me. Dave is my older brother. He pulls a lot of pranks like this, so I assumed this is just another prank.


The mini Freddies started convulsing and screeching. I pulled out my flashlight and shone it at them. One by one, they jumped under my bed.

But then, I saw another one.

A big one. Probably around 7 feet tall. It had razor teeth and nails and huge gaps in its body, just like the Freddles. “F-Freddy?” I stammered. “H-h-h-hi, little g-g-girl. Are you enjoying your t-time at F-F-Freddy’s?” the monster growled before lunging at me. I turned and ran, rushing into the bathroom and locking the door. I sat there with Plushtrap until the sun’s rays peeked under the door.

I decided not to tell my family about my experience. They would just laugh at me. I needed proof. I needed to show them that these monstrosities were here.

Story 6: “Wake Up” by Rosetteisawesome
Emily Waters was a completely normal girl, who lived in a completely normal neighborhood. In fact, this neighborhood was so normal that everyday everyone was found doing the exact same thing they would always do. Everything was perfect. Everything was calm. And it was always quiet.

Emily found herself thinking about her perfect neighbourhood, her perfect parents, her perfect life. Everything was as it should be. But suddenly she was interrupted; there was a rustling behind one of the trash cans. She turned and walked toward the sound. Behind the trash can and there was nothing but a scrap of paper. She lifted the paper; it felt wet, and it was stained black. She read the following on the paper: “I don’t know how long it’s been since we last saw each other. We miss you a lot and I wish we could WAKE UP from this sad reality. I’m sorry. So sorry, but you need to wake up. Just open your eyes and WAKE UP, please. I’m begging you there isn’t much time before–” The paper was torn and ended there. Emily looked around for whoever dropped the note, but no one was to be seen.

Emily turned and walked home. When she opened the door, a scream came from behind her. She turned, at her feet another torn piece of paper. “They are coming, Emily. Don’t look back, just run. WAKE UP.” Emily read the paper over and over, before another scream filled the air. She ran toward the sound, but the sound was coming from all directions.  Emily felt more afraid than ever before; she turned around, and the screaming stopped. Emily felt something wet touch her shoulder. It oozed down and onto her torso. It was black, like the paper. Emily screamed. And she was gone.


And now, for our most frightening finale…

Story 7: “The Bill” by jeaner40
The WIFI went out because my mom forgot to pay the bill. I WAS UNABLE TO PLAY WZW FOR A WHOLE 18 HOURS!

Thanks to everyone that wrote a scary story this month! We had to read them all with the lights on ;o;

Your scared-silly Woozband