Create Your Dream Outfit for Neon Prom 2k15!

Prom is a special time, marking the end of one school year by allowing us to forget all the learning we’ve done in a night of epic escapism. That’s why we’ve focused on making Prom 2k15 all about YOU and your achievements that make this party special.

This year, you voted to have “Tell Me When to Glow: A Neon Rave” as your Prom theme. Now, we’d like to see you interpret this party-ready theme in formalwear! Which direction will you go? Structred dresses with neon detailing? Some stunning shades to match your suit? A full-length gown of Day-Glo fabric? (OK, maybe not that last one.)

Show us your glowing, gorgeous Prom-worthy design and you may win the the opportunity to see your clothes produced in Woozworld!

Before you get glowing with your promtastic outfit, be sure to read and understand the contest guidelines:

Woozworld design template

Print this (required) template and draw on it OR use an image editing program on your computer
Create the best Prom outfit, following this year’s theme: “Tell Me When to Glow: A Neon Rave
– Feel free to give your outfit a creative name
Sign your design with your Woozen name
Respect the Woozworld Code of Conduct
Submit your design in the Central Plaza using the neon yellow Podz for guys’ outfits and the neon green Podz for girls’ outfits BEFORE the submission period ends on Thursday, May 7th! (Note: We will ONLY review submissions from this Podz, so be sure to submit your designs in the Plaza, nowhere else.)

– Submit more than one design for the same gender. You may submit both a “boy” and “girl” outfit if you choose, using the specific Podz indicated above.
– Submit someone else’s work. It must be your own, signed creation.
– Submit any inappropriate or offensive designs

Our favorite formalwear outfits will go on sale Thursday, May 28th, just in time for Neon Prom 2k15.

Good luck!