Craziest Place to Play Woozworld Contest

The Woozworld App for iOS allows you to play Woozworld whenever, wherever and we want to know where you’re playing! Is it on the school bus? Maybe at a boring dance recital? How about in the frozen stands of a hockey game? Bathroom maybe? You show us!

From June 5th  to June 12th  we want you to send in a photo of your device running the Woozworld App  in the CRAZIEST location you play! Important note.. below are rules for the photo and you must follow them to enter otherwise they will be disqualified.

The photo you take must:
– have an iOS device with the Woozworld App open on it
– be taken in a crazy/weird location that you play Woozworld
– be creative and unique
– follow the Woozworld Code of Conduct

The photo must NOT:
– contain real faces / show your’s or anyone’s identity
– be photoshopped/edited
– be someone elses
– contain anything illegal/inappropriate

When you have the photo you wish to submit, send it as an attachment to with the subject line: Craziest Location and don’t forget to include your Woozen name in the email or we won’t know who you are! You have until 11:59PM WT on June 12th to submit.

The Woozband will be reviewing the craziest pictures submitted, and on Tuesday, July 17th, each Woozband member will post their favorite photo on their WoozIn Wallz. You’ll only have the next few days to WoozUp your favorite craziest place.The picture that received the most votes on the WoozIn will be our grand winner!

The Woozen whose picture received the most votes, will receive a Woozworld APP Hologram Trophy and a cool Achievement!

Can’t wait to see where you play Woozworld!

Your Woozband