Contest : Create the Scary Ball Hall

Yo Woozens!

The venue of Woozworld’s upcoming Scary Ball is yet to be decided! The Woozband needs your spooky decorating talents to host the event of the season!

With the Super Pack M.B.P. now available in the STORE, you’ll have everything you need and more to create the most epic Scary Ball Hall for the most epic of Halloween parties. Be quick, the party will take place Friday November 1st!

Be creative and Woozworld’s Scary Ball will be hosted in YOUR Unitz

Not only will you get the honor to be the host for the ball, but the winner will get a surprise Halloween package. (No peanuts I promise! XD)

Visit our own version of the Scary Ball Hall to get inspired and to submit your own Unitz.!

You have until October 29th to submit your unitz.

The winners will be announced next Wednesday in the Hot Topics!

Good luck Woozens!