Can You CollEGGT Them All?


The EggsterYeti has started going eggy and is dropping eggs all around Woozworld! We’ve noticed 3 types of eggs and they all give different EGGTASTIC prizes if you colleggt the right amount! You have to be quick though, only 1 Woozen can click on each egg!


Striped Eggs are appearing in everyone’s Unitz. Polka-Dot Eggs seem to be dropping once (1 time) every 5 minutes in Woozworld Unitz and Floral Eggs are dropping once (1 time) every 12 minutes in Woozworld Unitz. These eggs are hard to find so when the Eggster Bunny drops an egg, an EGGVISORY message will appear!

You need to find 1,000 Striped Eggs to get an exclusive Eggster Shirt
You need to find 250 Polka-Dot Eggs to get an exclusive Eggster Bunny head
You need to find 100 Flortal Eggs to get an exclusive Eggster Bird Nest

The EggsterYeti has done a good job hiding these eggs so we have a shortcut to the prizes! If you dare, you can try your luck and get the prizes from Mystery Eggs in Shopz.

Happy Eggster Woozens!