Code of Conduct
Welcome to Woozworld!

In order to make sure that everyone can have fun and play safely, we have a Code of Conduct outlining rules of behavior for all members of our community. If you don't understand any of the following guidelines, please ask a parent or an adult you trust to explain them to you.

It’s very important to understand the Woozworld Code of Conduct as if you break any of these, you risk getting your account sanctioned or permanently banned.

First steps:
  1. If you are under 13 years old, DO let your parent/guardian know that you’ve joined Woozworld. In order to maintain your safety, your parent(s)/guardian(s) should know when and where you’re playing online. When you create your account, you can enter your parent/guardian’s email address to keep them informed.
  1. DO choose a Woozworld username that best represents you and is appropriate.
  1. DON’T include any personal information when choosing your username. This includes your full name, school, address, email, phone number, etc. Vulgar or rude usernames are not allowed.
  1. DON’T tell anyone (except your parent(s)/guardian(s)) your Woozworld account password. NEVER enter your username and password in any site other than Woozworld for any reason.
  1. DON’T reveal any information that could identify you in real life, such as your full name, address, phone number, email address, social media profiles, or anything that could lead to your location.
  1. DON’T ask other players for their personal information.
  1. DO see our Privacy Policy for more information on how Woozworld is committed to protect your Personal Information.
  1. DO treat others as you want to be treated. In other words, respect other player’s opinions, preferences, and choices.
  2. DO chat with other players from around the world in a respectful manner.
  1. DO make friends that are different from you!
  1. DON'T bully, insult or attack other players. This includes name calling, demeaning behavior, threatening, etc. If someone is bullying you, please report them.
  2. DON’T use sexual or vulgar language in Woozworld.
Illegal activity:
  1. DON’T cheat, or get involved with cheaters and illegal activities at Woozworld (buying / selling / trading illegal items). Items acquired illegally might be deleted from your account.
  1. DON'T scam or trick other players into giving you items.
  1. DON’T sell / trade accounts in exchange for items / real money. The account you create is yours and only yours.
  1. DON’T use third-party programs to alter or affect the natural Woozworld experience.
  1. DON’T enter your account information (username, e-mail, password) on websites and forms that promise you free items/Wooz/Beex. These are phishing sites to steal your account. Remember: only Woozworld can give you free items - legally and safely.
  1. DO report cheaters and give as much information as possible as to what they are doing.
  1. DO block players that bother you to prevent them from contacting you.
  1. DO use Woozworld’s report tool if you have a serious problem with another player’s behavior. Our moderation team will review your report and take the necessary steps to suspend or remove the offending player.
  1. DON'T make false accusations about other players when reporting. Reporting another player is a very serious action and should not be abused.
Most importantly:
  1. DO have fun and play safely!