Cliques and Secrets and Rumors, Oh My!

Welcome back to Wzw High, everyone! A new school year has begun, so it’s time to load up your backpack with books, try not to forget your new locker combination, and… solve a new mystery! Yup, school is never simple at Wzw High.

For example, did you know that last year, as we all scrambled to find out who had kidnapped GoodOldWooz, two would-be students joined us? It’s hard to believe, but Eva and FilWooz mingled with the crowds in Wzw High’s halls. I sure didn’t notice them, but a couple of influential students did.

Now that we know Eva & Fil’s true EVIL nature, it’s time we looked into their mysterious past. Where do they really come from? Who’s responsible for their scheming ways? Who are their parents?? I’m sure that the leaders of these cliques know more about Eva and Fil’s history than they’re willing to admit to a reporter like me. That’s why I need your help to solve this mystery!

Can you infiltrate each clique and learn secrets from its “Queen Bee”? Your job may not be easy, but it’s the only way to uncover the secrets of Eva & Fil’s past!plm_intro_en (1)


The Preps: The most fashion-conscious students in the school are led by Arya Klyn, an aspiring designer. I’ve heard they spend a lot of time in Wzw High’s Fashion classroom, working and chatting with Lady Wooz.

The Athletes: Wzw High boasts some strong sports teams under the direction of Coach Shopz, but rumor has it that the true heart of the school’s athletics is Callie Ziegler, a tennis-and-soccer champion. The athletes spend long hours training in the Wzw High Gym.

The Dramz: Arts & theater kids tend to stick together, especially now during preparation for Wzw High’s latest musical production, “The Wizard of Oz,” starring clique leader Ava. Apparently she doesn’t use her last name because “someday I’ll be famous enough to only need one.”

The Smarties: They may spend their lunch break in the library, but the smarties know almost everything that goes on at Wzw High. It’s rumored that Natalie Zoom, the smarties’ leader, has read every single book in the library!

The Punks: This clique may be the toughest to crack… or just the toughest in general. They hang out in the school yard, under the watchful, black-rimmed eye of leader Emily Ember. Supposedly, Emily has dyed her hair every color of the rainbow over the course of her four years at Wzw High!

We’re counting on you!

Yours in sleuthing,