CircuZ Woozylvania Opens!
  • October 13, 2017

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ringmaster_34Our CircuZ isn’t just any regular circus, oh no! CircuZ Woozylvania is a frighteningly fun thrill ride that only visits on Fridays the 13th that fall in the month of October… It’s been 11 years since the last Friday, October 13th, so our captivating performers have had plenty of time to perfect their routines!

Let me, Igor, your faithful Ringmaster, lead the way through our frighteningly fun family of fabulously gifted performers!



From left to right: Bianca, Sylvester, Philomena and Travis

First, there’s beautiful Bianca, the ballerina! Not merely a treat for the eyes, her fancy footwork will leave you astounded!

Then, there’s slithering Sylvester, our beast-tamer! His surprising ways have even the most savage of beasts submitting in a matter of seconds!

There’s also flying Philomena, our aerial artist! Her tight-rope walking routine will leave flustered, flabbergasted and itching for more!

circus_unitzAnd, of course, we must not forget about two-faced Travis, our mischievous magician! His tricks and treats will leave you in a tailspin!

Our performances are not to be missed, for you won’t have this chance again until the 2023!

Visit CircuZ Woozylvania today!

That is… If you dare!