Chop-Chop Ninja Contest!

Hey Woozens!

Well, we’re sure you’ve heard the big newz: our friends the Chop-Chop Ninjas are back in Woozworld!  They’ve upgraded the Chop-Chop Ninja app and are here tos share the awesome newz with their favorite woozens.  Visit the Chop-Chop Ninja HQ Unitz to check out the updated app and cool Chop-Chop extra info.  For this trip into Woozworld, our ninja buddies Iro and Jo brought the lovely Chop-Chop heroine, Princess Mariko, along with them to join in the fun.

That’s the good newz. But now, we have to tell you the bad newz

At Princess Mariko’s interview with MyaWooz on Friday, the evil Chop-Chop Shogun crashed the bash and froze the Princess!  Luckily, there is a way we can combat the Shogun’s tricks.  But in order to undo his treachery, the Woozband need your help!  After some careful research, GoodOldWooz has discovered fire potions all around Woozworld that you can collect the thaw out the Princess.

Collect as many fire potions as you can to unfreeze the Princess!  Wearing the Chop-Chop Ninja Bandana while you collect the potions will give you 5 points per potion; wearing a full Ninja outfit will earn you 20 points per potion.  Of course you’ll have to be careful since you’re playing with fire – click the flames multiple times to bottle them without getting burned!

Be sure to track our potion-gathering progress with the leaderboard as we try to save the Princess from a frozen future.  If we manage to unfreeze her, the top five Woozens who have collected the most Fire Potions will receive a special prize.

We barely got to know Princess Mariko before the Shogun turned up to freeze her.  If we band together we can show the evil Chop-Chop Ninja Shogun how ninja-awesome Woozens can be!

Good luck, Woozens! We’re counting on you to save the Princess! Join NOW if you haven’t already done it:

Your Woozband