CelebZ Scoop!
  • June 7, 2017

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Badges_CelebZ2017Everyone has their favourite celebrities and that includes the Woozband! In fact, they love following their faves on social media, but it got them thinking… What does it take to be a celeb?

Enter… CelebZ!

Through different contests and events, you’ll be able to find out if YOU have what it takes to be a CelebZ!

Find out more about the new events below!

CelebZ AuthorZ with Jenny!

Jenny will start off the premise of a story… And YOU will have to finish it! You will compete against your fellow Woozen writers to come up with the most unique ending to Jenny’s story.

CelebZ RaceZ with Jay!

Jay has set up a rather intricate maze miming what celebs have to go through on a daily basis… Will you be able to dodge Woozarazzi, spilled coffee and crazed fans? Find out!

CelebZ FashionZ with Mya!

Mya will give you a specific celeb-related wardrobe theme and YOU will have yo come up with the perfect look! Think you have the style of a CelebZ? Only one way to find out…

CelebZ LaughZ with Max!

Do some stand-up with Max! Prepare your best joke and tell Max. If you make him laugh more than your competition, you win!

As always, keep a close eye on the WoozNewZ window so you know exactly when (and how) you can compete to become… a CelebZ!