CarnaWooz: Closing the Woozlympics in the rhythms of Samba!
  • February 25, 2014

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The last two weeks has been all about Woozlympics at Woozworld. The competition got harder and harder and,between the FriendIN Smilies collected and prestigious trophies, we are closer than ever to know which country will win these Winter Gamez. The decision is still in YOUR hands, Woozens!

And as all good things come to an end, so does the Woozlympics. Rather than closing this story in sadness, let’s celebrate the soon-to-arrive spring together, in the rhythm of Samba, with CarnaWooz!

The Woozband will visit YOUR CarnaWooz Unitz on Tuesday and Wedsnesday this week! The Podz to submit YOUR Unitz is available in the CarnaWooz Is Coming Unitz. And last but not least, the big Woozlympics closing ceremony will be held this Friday, February 28th!
During the Eventz, the Woozband will announce the Woozlympics country winner!

You are all invited, Woozens!

Your Woozband.