Candy Commotion!!

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Piper from miWorld’s Sweet Factory Unitz was giving Jenny a lesson on candy making; all was going great until Jenny poured the last flask into her candy recipe; witnesses say that Kount Von Klokz is responsible for the flask switch! Jenny and Piper barely escaped the waves of sweets coming out of miWorld’s Sweet Factory kitchen! The Kount is obviously behind this cooking class sabotage.


A Candy Commotion is emerging and we need YOUR help collecting the overflow of miWorld’s Sweet Factory candy all over Woozworld before Piper  and Jenny get into trouble!

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To make things more interesting Piper has decided to see who can gather and collect the most candy. Piper has designed a very special candy maker outfit for the occasion available in shopz now! Collecting candy will give you points and wearing the new Candy maker outfit will earn you extra points; do you think you can make top ten?

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Did we mention the sweet prizes for collecting candy? If you pick 100 candies you’ll receive an amazing miWorld Gumball machine from our friends at miWorld’s Sweet  Factory Unitz just for helping out! The top 10 winners for each week will receive an exclusive miWorld Golden Lollipop trophy! We’re counting on YOU to help Woozworld and our new friend Piper! What are you waiting for Woozens candy on!



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