Breaking Newz: Wooz Saverz to the rescue
  • January 30, 2014

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Since the candy commotion incident, the Woozband and Woozens have been hard at work cleaning up all the sweetz and trying to help poor Mya Wooz from her mini situation .XD  They’ve been all so busy that they didn’t notice that the Kount’s plan to ruin everyone’s fun in Woozworld wasn’t over. :(

While everyone was hard at work, Kount Von Klokz  was preparing his plan to take over Woozworld, another revenge plot upon the Woozband!? He decided that he wanted to capture mini Mya Wooz to trade her against Max’s shrink ray. But how you ask? His mastery of mechanics helped him build a huge Yeti army. Luckily for us he never got his hands on Mya, mad from his failure he decided to invade us anyways.XD


ScreenShot134We can’t let the Kount bully us any further, it’s our world! Suit up in the brand new Wooz Saverz outfits in Shopz and join the fight against this yeti-madness!


Stay tuned. More news to come…