Breaking Newz : Mini Mya and the Mini sweetz Collection!
  • January 22, 2014

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Attention, attention, beloved Myawooz was involved in a freak accident! The event took place on the night of Sunday January 19th, when Max decided to create a mad shrink ray to down size his unitz to have his very own line of miWorld toys. XD

The ray misfired and hit poor Myawooz, now everyone’s favorite Fashionistas is so mini she haves nowhere left to live! Max felt so bad that he decided to shrink furniture for mini Mya. The new furns are available In shopz, if you think you can help Mya look at the new unitz design contest here.

Jenny, Jay and Max are currently working on a solution to save our fashion queen! Mya is still recovering from all the emotion and fears that the candy commotion might squish her; don’t forget to help the Woozband pick up all the candy in Woozworld!

What is going to happen? Is the candy flow ever going to stop, will Mya ever be normal size again…? More info as soon as we get some. Follow everything on the blog or even on the WoozIn.