Breaking Newz: Freezeworld!!
  • December 5, 2013

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Since Max’B-Day party, the Woozband and Woozens have been having fun with the brand new Movez-It Arcade. They’ve been all so busy that they didn’t notice something was going on in Woozworld

While everyone was having a blast,Kount Von Klokz  was plotting a Woozmas revenge  and as his evil plan was evolving… He decided that he wanted to take the Woozmas spirit away AND take revenge on the Woozband. But how? He realized his mastery of time wasn’t enough to win and he needed backup. Knowing Zeena didn’t have any super powers, he looked for an alternative.

Kidnaping Santa wasn’t enough and his Chokolien friends could only turn things into chocolate. He needed something more… frozen. There was only one person he could think of that had a heart made of ice… the Ice Queen.The problem is… did the Queen want to be evil… would she actually work with him? He wasn’t worried… he got Zeena the same way.

It seems that Kount Von Klokz befriended the Ice Queen on the WoozIn and started messaging back and forth. Take a look at this picture…Freezeworld_EN

Is a partnership about to be born between Kount Von Klokz and the Ice Queen? What about Zeena, will she be ok with that??

Stay tuned. More news to come…