Big Woozen: Season 2
  • March 7, 2014

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Have you noticed that days seem longer, the temperature warmer…? Spring is on its way!

To celebrate the oncoming Spring break, the Woozband are thrilled to announce Big Woozen: Season 2! Last year ZackWooz only introduced Big Woozen to cause havoc with the Woozband, this year Big Woozen is dedicated to partying and fun! Did we mention… this year 2 Woozens will be picked to be guests in the Big Woozen house!?

What’s Big Woozen you ask? The participants are housemates living together in the Big Woozen House for some time. At regular intervals, in the middle of the week, YOU will be given the opportuniry to VOTE for whom you wish to see evicted from the house that week. After the votes are tallied, the 2 Woozens with the most votes will be held for eviction. You will then have the task to vote for who in the 2 evictees you want to vote out of the Big Woozen House. The winner of this seasons show will receive an EXCLUSIVE Big Woozen Season 2 prize!

Except loads of twists, drama and intrigue, all season long. Will new relationships spark and old one break? Well that’s the most interesting part of Big Woozen isn’t it 😉

To conclude, the Woozband aren’t the only ones who can create Big Woozen eventz, YOU will also have the opportunity to create your very own Big Woozen unitz with great items from Shopz! YOU make the rules, what will they be? Make sure to keep an eye open for diary entries from the house guests all month long on the blog!

Your Woozband