Big Woozen Diary by Zeena
  • March 10, 2014

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ZeenaLOL, Mya doesn’t get to join in on Big Woozen? What. A. Pity! 😉 I know it hasn’t been fun around here since yours truely left in December… I would miss me too!

I entered the house all “The winner has arrived!” and it totally got the others going. The look on Jenny’s face was priiiiceless and I could have sworn Jay winked at me, can’t blame him. I will admit that canadianz and x-DylanGoesRawrx  seem really excited to be in my presence. They may even be cool enough to start a fun alliance with. Before I start on them, I need to get the cute Jenny to my side. It shouldn’t be that hard… I mean, the Zeena Fan Club still sends me messages daily for some one-on-one time. I’m sure Jenny has secretly joined it 😉

It’s going to be fun causing problems in this house! I can already hear cheering from the outside Woozworld!

I’ll be cooking up some drama, you can count on that!

Don’t you wish you were me? 😉