Big Woozen Diary by Jay
  • March 18, 2014

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levelup_jay_45_posedWOOOOAH! I can’t believe Zeena got to stay in the house and Jenny is out! It’s wack!

When she walked in… I was in utter shock when seeing her enter the house. I was so taken back that one of my eyes started twitching for a few seconds.

Zeena latched onto Jenny from the beginning which was really unsettling. I took Max aside when they were giggling and told ma bro that he needs to do something about it. Zeena is always up to no good, always. It’s bothersome that Max wasn’t worried. Bro needs to sit with Jenny and have a chat about Zeena, everyone knows she will never change. Zeena is going to cause mo’ problems… I hope Max isn’t her target.

That’s just me but it’s kinda late now that Jenny is out. The good news is Jenny can confide in Mya about her experience. At least, I hope the girl does.

Now that we are all settin’, it’s refreshing to be on the beach. I’m getting to know canadianz and i’m sad I didn’t get to know x-DylanGoesRawrx better, they seem to be chill Woozens! I’ll have to see how canadianz does in B-Ball!

Besides, being stuck on a beach with m’hommies is pretty ill.

Peace out,