Big Woozen 2- canadianz interview
  • March 12, 2014

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Howdy Woozen,



In order to get to know our Big Woozen season 2 contestant canadianz a little better , i’ve asked her for an interview, read below for the exclusive answers :


GoodoldWooz: canadianz how does it feel to be part of this huge event in Woozworld?

canadianz: It feels amazing :)  I still cannot believe I was chosen to be in the Big Woozen house out of so many people. It is overwhelming!

GoodoldWooz: Now that you are an official participant of the Big Woozen, what will you do to show the Woozens that YOU deserve to win?

canadianz: Well my strategy is to play fair and not dirty. I will entertain the Woozens with my humour and a few other special things that you will see 😉 So hopefully it shows them that I deserve to win this Season :)

GoodoldWooz: How will you deal with your fame now? Because, you know… Woozens will be observing you, admiring you. More than never, you are a celebrity at Woozworld! Tell us about it.

canadianz: I hope to be a really great role model for Woozens :) I wouldn’t consider myself the term “famous” but for sure a bit popular 😉

GoodoldWooz: Would you like to say anything else to our audience?

canadianz: I would like to say to the Woozens out there to never stop giving up. If you try hard enough you can get want you want :) and to… Vote Team Woozens :D!!!


Thank you canadianz for the interview and good luck in the house!