Big Woozen 2 canadianz Interview #2
  • March 19, 2014

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ZeenaWooz_79846Howdy Woozens!

After the first round of evictions, our friend Canadianz took the time to sit down with me and tell us a little more about her experience, in the Big Woozen House!

GoodoldWooz: How does it feel to have survived to the very first eviction?

Canadianz: Omg. I seriously thought I was going to be kicked out. I was on the line of crying when I heard I was safe for the week :) I can’t believe I won over JENNY! She’s so sweet. It made me really sad to see her and Dill on go :(.

GoodoldWooz: What do you think of the arrival of Zeena to the house?

Canadianz: Zeena is..Um well xD She’s actually nice to me lol :) She’s trying to get me to team up with her but I don’t know.. She’s for sure a suspicious character.

GoodoldWooz:  How is your relationship with the Woozband so far?

Canadianz: It’s great :) I have been hanging out with Zeena for the most part. Not rreally with Max or Jay. I guess it’s kind of Girls against Boys at the moment.

GoodoldWooz: Would you like to say anything else to our audience?

Canadianz: Please vote me to STAY In the Big Woozen House! We Woozens Have to WIN! :)