BeMe Quest!
  • September 23, 2014

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Hey Woozens!

In our every day life we are all influenced by many forms of media and communication. Often these can be focused on the negative things in life and there is no doubt that we all need some positivity to provide us with some balance. In short, we all need to feel good about life, rather than the opposite.

BeMe is on a mission to fill Woozworld with positive messages!

As part of this mission, BeMe has hidden 30 emblems of 5 different designs throughout the world. Each design has a special message for you. You’ll need to complete the Objectivez shown on the left of your screen and follow your progress with the BeMe Achievement to receive the exclusive BeMe mirror!



Help BeMe with their mission and spread positive messages throughout Woozworld. Tell your family how important they are to you, compliment your friends, or just say hello to a stranger. Whatever you do make sure it makes the other person feel good.


Lets make Woozworld a better place and spread the positivity!


The Woozband