Be the first to play Woozworld on iPad!
  • January 10, 2014

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Attention Official iPad Testers!

For the last few months our team has worked on a secret project “Woozworld for iPad, iPod Touch and Android Tablets” Isnt it great?! Soon, you will be able to play Woozworld from your tablet and be in touch with your Woozworld friends, anywhere you go!

The Mobile Woozworld Beta is now ready to be played on iPad 3 (and above) and we want YOU to be the first to try it out and give us your feedback before we make it fully public!

We will select ONLY 25 Woozens, so apply quick to be one of the lucky ones.

What will you need to apply to be our Official iPad Testers?:

  1. Have access to one (1) iPad 3 or a newer iPad model

  2. Commit to give us feedback and do specific tests that we will require every 2 days (we need REALLY dedicated Woozens for this test!)

  3. A valid e-mail address registered on your Woozworld account

  4. The Motivation to be one of the 25 lucky ones!

The official testers will receive an official e-mail from us.

testerWe will reward you with a nice surprise once the testing has finalized but the most important thing is that you will be one of the 25 ONLY Woozens who will have access to Woozworld on iPad for the first time, ever!

What are you waiting for Woozens!? Enter below or go in game to the Central Plaza Unitz and find the pod! We can’t wait to hear all of your opinions!

 Your Woozband