Lost Baublez… We’re In Trouble


This year we were able to get the biggest Woozmas tree yet but one thing we didn’t notice… all our Woozmas baubles and ornaments are missing (we can guess who!). KountVonKlokz and the Ice Queen are trying to ruin our Woozmas spirit and we will not allow that to happen!

We’re asking YOU to help spread Woozmas spirit throughout Woozworld! Through the magic of Woozmas, everyone was given a bare Woozmas Tree that you will be able to decorate using Baublez! The more Woozmas Trees that are decorated in Woozworld, the more Woozmas spirit will shine in the Woozworld Plaza… AND the more gifts that are placed in the Plaza!balls2

Woozmas Tree Facts:
– You have a free Woozmas Tree in your inventory!
– Only 24 Baublez can be placed on a Woozmas Tree
– You can move Baublez around the tree when in Unitz Edit mode
– You can also delete Baublez from the Woozmas Tree (delete, not remove to your inventory)
– You can lock your Woozmas Tree so only you can decorate

Little Baublez will be appearing around Woozworld that you can click on and collect. Once in your Misc Spellz inventory, you can drag the Baublez onto a Woozmas Tree to decorate. The Baublez you pick up around Woozworld are worth 1 Woozmas Spirit point. Baublez bought in Beex are worth 3 spirit points, Baublez purchased for Wooz are worth 10 spirit points and the exclusive Baublez in the Store are worth 20 spirit points.

balls1If you fill up your tree, you can help friends decorate theirs or get another from Shopz! There will also be trees placed around Woozworld for you to find and decorate to show KountVonKlokz and the Ice Queen that we have Woozmas spirit!