Back to the Future

Woozen-7411_139466Poor Eva has been stuck in (our) present time but with the Woozworld App, we can now help Eva get back to the future!

Fil disappeared in a hurry (we hope anyway) once enough nectar was collected to save their Dad in the future.  Eva was left behind and we’ve done our best to make her feel at home. She did however remember the key to time travel, the Woozworld App! Since Eva and Fil used the Woozworld App (from the future) to get to our present time, Eva worked with the developers to add some futuristic features.

tablet_jobThe App has been loaded with time-traveling capabilities and now we should be able to get Eva back… but how?

There’s energy filled tablets popping up around Woozworld, which are delicate. These hologram tablets hold the key to powering up the time-travel for Eva! Luckily if you are on the Woozworld App you will be able to collect them no problem. For everyone else, you need special the HollyXooz visors to pick up the hologram tablets.

In the end, the Top 10 collectors will get a special Trophy! We will update the Top 10 list in the Hot Topics on the WoozIn!

And already as a thanks to us, Eva has introduced us to HollyXooz!

The futuristic Hollywood, giving us an idea as to where we are heading in design and fashion!