Are You Full of Love or Pain?
  • May 15, 2014

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Flowerships are the mood relationships we have with flowers. Some people say that sunflowers express joy. We all know that roses express love. Other people even grow cactus to simbolize un moment of pain in their lives.

New Rose Bush seeds and Cactus seeds are ready to be grown so you can show your LOVE mood or your CRUSTY one! Or even both of them, for those that can’t actually decide…

Some of the Woozband have already started… We know that Jax‘s (Jenny & Max) fairytale relationship has come to an end (according to the Woozarazzi), and must be in some serious pain as they have both been spotted growing Cactuses. What ever plant they grow, who are we to judge?!

On the other spectrum of events, Mya has been growing some rose bushes… which may symbolize love? So. many. questions!


What about YOU? What is your mood right now? Will Woozworld be romantic like a rose or crusty like a cactus?!

Grow your very own Rose Bush or Cactus and recieve some exclusive prizes!

Click here for more info on how to grow your Plantz and harvest cool prizes.

Happy Planting! (or not…)