Are you a Royal or Rebel?
  • October 17, 2014

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The charming Ever After High™ stars Lizzie Hearts™ and Cedar Wood™ are throwing a spelltacular Thronecoming Dance here in Woozworld!

There’s only one problem!! Lizzie and Cedar can’t seem to agree on what theme the spellbinding Dance should be. So they are letting YOU decide!

emblemsEAHWhich theme will it be Woozens? Do you want a Rebel or a Royal Thronecoming Dance?

Pick your team Royal or Rebel by visiting the enchanting Ever After High Unitz and clicking on the Royal or Rebel chest. Once you’ve picked your team it’s time to travel the world in search of your Rebel or Royal emblems. The more you collect the greater chance your team has of winning!

The team who collects the most emblems will be selected as the theme for the Thronecoming Dance and will receive both Ever After High stars hexquisite hair!!


How will this story end? It is up to YOU to write your destiny?

Good luck Woozens!


Your Woozband.