Are wearable gadgets the next tech revolution?

Hey guys!

In 2007, the first iPhone was launched and, since then seen a technological revolution. Touch screen phones are already seen in the hands of almost everyone and we can almost do everything with them. I always access the Woozworld App on my phone! X)

So I’m curious, is the same type of revolution happening with wearable gadgets? Last month Google released the first Android watch and there are rumors that Apple will launch the iWatch in September.

Blog MaxWooz - Google Docs - Google Chrome_2014-07-19_01-30-07

Blog MaxWooz - Google Docs - Google Chrome_2014-07-19_01-27-21

Another popular device are google glasses – a pair of small glasses with a tiny display screen to perform various functions. I’ve tried a pair myself (epic experience) you can take pictures with just the blink of an eye. Will these devices change our lives or just be just another passing trend?


Would you get your own smart watch if you had the chance?

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