Monster High Ancient Vampire Hearts Challenge



You must have noticed the arrival of our new friends from Monster High!? They’ve decided to make things a little more interesting for all of you by offering amazing VampireHeart.png_500x500prizes in exchange of a little detective work! Let your inner monster out on the loose to hunt down and collect the Ancient Vampire Hearts hidden throughout Woozworld.

That’s right we’re asking YOU to help us find the missing Ancient Vampire Hearts, there are 40 in all to discover! You’ll need to complete the Objectivez shown on the left of your screen and follow your progress with the Monster High Quest Achievement to receive all four prizez and become the Vampire King or Vampire Queen!

On the first and then every unlucky 13 Ancient Vampire Heart you will gain a new Monster High surprise item. What are you waiting for Woozens gather your friends and start the hunt today!

Your Woozband.