An Inside Look With Jake Miller Revealed

Jake Miller: Revealed

Have you ever wanted to go behind the scenes with a rising artist? Jake Miller has let our friends at Sweety High get up close and personal – and we’re joining in!

Jake takes host, Alex Schiffman, on a little tour in his home town of Weston, Florida. They stop for a bite at Jake’s favorite Italian restaurant where they meet Jake’s roomate/DJ/guitarist/gym partner/day-to-day manager, Joey Gandolfo.

They teach Alex a game called “What are the chances?” (which we now can’t stop playing, thanks guys), Jake shows off his talented gum-kick trick, reveals promises he’s made to his friends & family, and admits the first big concert he attended was N’SYNC!

Jake takes us behind the scenes at Liv Nightclub for his mic check and the wait before his performance alongside his fellow rising stars, Fifth Harmony and Megan Trainor.

Watch Jake perform a live set from his Lion Heart EP in the video above, and see why we are now on board with the #Millertary!