AMA’S Red Carpet Fashionz
  • November 26, 2013

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Hi Woozens,

Were you all as excited as I was for the American music Awards last weekend? Nothing beats Starz strutting in designer outfits on the Red carpet! (They might even inspire me for future collections ;D )

The 2013 AMA’s featured jaw dropping style and outfits, I was truly amazed this year. From Miley Cyrus to Taylor Swift and Rihanna, some of my favorite female singers really dressed to impress for their big night.

I was even more surprised with Lady Gaga’s look. She was barely recognisable when she arrived on a huge white horse with a look almost pulled straight from Game of Thrones. With the outfits she wore for previous award ceremonies, I really liked how sober and elegant it looked. I have to say I really loved her long blond hair too. 😉
From blinged out gowns to barely there looks, there were so many styles to look out for on the Red carpet. Which look did you prefer? Let me know on my WoozIN.