A Design Fit for a Superstar!

The annual Woozworld’s Next Superstar contest is approaching, but everyone knows you can’t be a star without style! That’s why we’re asking you fabulous Woozens to send us your best superstar outfit designs. You may see them produced in Woozworld!

Ready to start on the path to fashion stardom? Be sure to read and understand the contest guidelines below:

Woozworld's garment template

– Print this required template and draw on it OR use an image editing program on your computer
– Create your best superstar outfit inspired by a musical genre, artist, or band
– Feel free to give your outfit a creative name, or tell us about the inspiration/story behind your outfit
Sign your design with your Woozen name
– Respect the Woozworld Code of Conduct
– Submit your design to the Podz the Woozworld Plaza BEFORE the submission period ends on Thursday, July 23rd! If you’re over 13, you can also submit to us via Instagram using the hashtag #wzwsuperstar2015

– Submit more than one design in the same Podz. If you like, you may submit two designs, placing a different outfit in each of the Podz in the Plaza.
– Submit someone else’s work. It must be your own, signed creation.
– Submit any inappropriate or offensive designs

Our favorite superstar-worthy clothes will go on sale on Monday, August 17th.

Good luck, and stay stylish!