Catching Clover o'Wooz


Lucky Woozens, are you ready to play a game?!

Saint Patrick's Day is almost here and we wanted to see which Woozen has the best leprechaun-catching skills! So, we've got a little game for you... Catch-A-Clover o'Wooz! The game is simple; in 60 seconds, how many times can YOU catch Clover? You can only do this once and be warned... You cannot use any food or SymbZ that make you faster than others. It's the only fair way!

You'll see Clover in your Quest Journal after you've purchased from the Shamrock Mystery GrabZ.

The Woozen that gets the highest score by March 29th will receive 5,400 Wooz! If that isn't a pot of gold... We don't know what is.

Good luck!

Your Clover o'Woozband

PS- Max's highest score was 22. Can you beat him?