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  • Exclusive Interview with Maxxi Minaz!

    The final interview in the WNS 2016 series is here! Learn all about Maxxi Minaz!

  • Everything you wanted to know about Myan Zalik!

    Lily has yet another exclusive interview with another huge Star: Myan Zalik! Read it here!

  • Learn more about Skrillooz!

    LilyWooz was fortunate enough to sit down with Skrillooz and talk music, confidence and his signature style! Read all about it here!

  • An Exclusive Interview with Jaynelle Woozae!

    Diamond in the Wooz's biggest star sits down with our very own LilyWooz to discuss music, style and, of course, WNS! Don't miss it!

  • WNS is BACK!

    Woozworld's Next Superstar is officially back! Find out what's happening here!

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WoozPaper Vol. 200

Posted on

Happy Friday Woozens! We’ve had another busy couple of weeks in Woozworld! WNS is well on its way with Woozens voting for their favourite Superstars, putting on garage [...]

Woozworld’s Next Superstar: Meet Maxx...

Posted on

Today is our last (but definitely not least) interview in our WNS stars series. We are lucky to be chatting with BeatZ’s Maxxi Minaz! LilyWooz: Hi Maxxi! It’s so nice of y[...]

Woozworld’s Next Superstar: Meet Myan...

Posted on

Today, we’re very lucky to be sitting down with the very charming, very talented… Indiz label’s own, Myan Zalik! LilyWooz: Hello Myan! We’re so, so, so happy to have y[...]

WoozPaper Vol. 199

Posted on

Happy Friday Woozens! Another busy few weeks in Woozworld have flown by! Prom 2k16 came and went with Woozens celebrating in their under-the-sea ways for days! After it&[...]

Woozworld’s Next Superstar: Meet Skri...

Posted on

Today, we’ll be chatting with Mixzit!’s biggest star… Skrillooz!   LilyWooz: Hi Skrillooz! Thanks for being here today. So, how are you feeling over at Mixzit!? Skr[...]

Woozworld’s Next Superstar: Meet Jayn...

Posted on

Today, we are happy to be sitting down with Diamond in the Wooz’s biggest star: Jaynelle Woozae! LilyWooz: Hi Jaynelle! I can call you Jaynelle, right? Jaynelle: Of course! [...]


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