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  • Icetravaganza is Here!

    Icetravaganza is upon us! Check your quests to finally meet Jack Frost in person and find out more about Icetravaganza on the blog! Good luck!

  • The Start of the Chinese New Year Festivities

    The Chinese New Year is upon us and we will be celebrating this month. Max's cousin, Lijuan, will be visiting and she's sent us some Woozji (in ShopZ) to start celebrating!

  • Boxing Gloves Photo Contest!

    To celebrate the cool new Boxing Gloves in the Hand Accessories of ShopZ, we've got a new contest for you! Read all the details here!

  • VIP Benefits!

    In addition to a shorter queue, no ads, access to ZeChic and exclusive events, VIPs now receive monthly gifts!

Icetravaganza: Ice Queen vs Jack Frost

Posted on

By now, you’ve probably heard about Jack Frost and you might have even heard that he has a bit of a history with Gwyn- err, the Ice Queen. Well, the two have crossed paths o[...]

A Gift For The Chinese New Year

Posted on

Our Dear Woozens, We just got word that Max‘s cousin (Lijuan) will be joining us to celebrate the Chinese New Year! Lijuan will be joining us next week as the festivitie[...]

Boxing Gloves Photo Contest

Posted on

It’s a new year and a new you! Jay and Max have been working on some fitness and have taken up beginners’ boxing. Because they want to share their resolution with [...]

WoozPaper Vol. 202

Posted on

Welcome to the brand-new WoozPaper! We’ve got a great new look and layout. Love it? Hate it? Let us know what you think of the new look in the GREEN Podz at the WoozNew[...]

2017 Woozen Resolutions!

Posted on

The Woozband asked you what your New Year’s Resolutions for 2017 are and they were impressed by your submissions! So many of you are looking to make 2017 even better tha[...]

Looking Back at 2016…

Posted on

The Woozband asked you to create a video celebrating your favourite memories of 2016 and they were blown away by the results! Check out the winning submissions, as well as som[...]


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