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  • Coming Soon to ShopZ… Favorites!

    Soon, you’ll be able to ‘favorite’ the items you love most in ShopZ! You’ll never have to search for your faves again! Another great feature to coming to ShopZ soon!

  • Coming soon to ShopZ… The Cart!

    Soon, you’ll be able to ShopZ ‘til you drop with the new Cart feature! Fill it up with all of the items you want and buy them all at the same time! You may even save a bit….

  • Under the Sea Prom Outfit Design Contest

    Prom is just around the corner and we want you to design an Under the Sea-themed prom outfit! Read about the contest here!

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    In addition to a shorter queue, no ads, access to ZeChic and exclusive events, VIPs now receive monthly gifts!

Prom 2k16 Design Contest

Posted on

  Prom is here and the theme is Under The Sea! Design your perfect outfit for a night at Prom 2k16 on June 30, 2016. The rules for the contest are changing. It’s not ab[...]

WoozPaper Vol. 196

Posted on

Happy Friday Woozens! Two busy weeks in Woozworld have flown by! MyaWooz and JayWooz‘s Fashion Face-Off is soon coming to an end, but the question on every Woozen’[...]

Avoiding Phishing: Tips and Tricks

Posted on

Since our latest Safety Workshop was focused on phishing, we asked Woozens for their best tips and tricks to avoid being phished! We’re happy to say that many Woozens se[...]

WoozPaper Vol. 195

Posted on

Happy Friday Woozens! Somehow, another fun-filled week has flown by in Woozworld! This week we found out that MyaWooz has been talking about JayWooz behind his back! She repo[...]

Safety Workshop: Phishing

Posted on

Do you know what “phishing” is? The word may seem strange to you, but you certainly know someone (or maybe even you) who had been a victim of this online scam. Ph[...]

Wooz Weekly: Mya Calls Jay’s Style ...

Posted on

TROUBLE IN PARADISE?! Wooz Weekly has been given the biggest scoop since the Jenny-Max breakup and you won’t know what to do with yourselves! Sit down before you continue, [...]


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